Elder Colton West

Elder Colton West


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 24: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hi everyone,

I have a couple of things from last week to talk about because I ran out of time to write about them last week.  First off is Conference, which I think I mentioned.  That's how the Mormons celebrated Easter this year.  This year's conference was a good one.  There were a lot of talks about the importance of the family.  A couple of talks gave me some personal direction.  It was wonderful!

Thursday the 2nd we had a trip to the temple for our investigators.  My companion and I got 14 investigators to go on the trip.  Between the companionships here in Ilobasco and the work of the members, we filled a bus with people for the trip.  At the temple, we went on a "virtual tour" guided by a member of the temple presidency.  We also went to some smaller presentations given by missionaries that went a bit more in-depth about parts of the temple.  Overall, the temple trip was a huge success.  The mission as a whole had over 1500 investigators in attendance!  And everyone that I have talked to had a good experience there.

This week has been work work work.  And it has been a lot of good work.  We are finding lots of new people to teach.  We have had some really good lessons.  And we've had a couple of service opportunities as well.  One was to do some yard work for a member.  And by yard work I mean chopping down trees with machetes.  The banana trees are easy, you can chop that down with one swing.  The other ones were a bit difficult, especially because my machete isn't very sharp.  But in the end we got it done.  And we had a small bonfire to get rid of all of the leaves and stuff on the ground.

The other service project was to empty and clean a well for an elderly widow in the ward.  That's what all of the pictures are from this week.

I'm out of time, but let me now if there's anything you want to hear about.  Or if there's anything cool going on back home.  Or just write to say hi!

Elder Colton West
El Salvador, San Salvador East Mission

Editor's Note: I'm also posting some pics from the mission president's daughter of the Temple day activity. I posted these in a general Facebook post on Good Friday but they were not attached to his letter so some of you  may have missed them. ENJOY!

Service project-cleaning the water well for a widow in the branch

the well

Elder Chamorro in the well!
Temple Day 4/2/15 with companion, Elder Chamorro (from Nicaragua)

waiting outside the ward building in San Salvador with investigators
Temple Day 4/2/15

Waiting to go inside for Virtual Temple tour

The mission brought 1,500 people to Temple Day 4/2/15

San Salvador, El Salvador Temple

Class on The Plan of Salvation taught to investigators at Temple Day 4/2/15

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