Elder Colton West

Elder Colton West


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 63: The Empire Strikes Back

Hey everyone!
This week was a fun one.  It's been a bit eventful.  Tuesday afternoon I got slammed by a category 5 migraine.  After 8 months of peace, they're back.  And with a vengance.  This one put me down and out for a full day of work, required a second dose of prescription meds, and I spent the next three days taking Excedrin like candy to manage the aftershock headaches.  Hopefully they won't all be that bad.
On the bright side, we had MultiZone Conference this week.  It was a time of instruction and correction.  The Assistants to President Vasquez taught us a new way of teaching our new contacts (Lesson 0 as we call it) that works extremely well.  President Vasquez taught us a new way of looking at the Atonement and how our repentance works.  And they gave a bit of correction to help with a few little problems that have popped up in the mission.
Well, time's up for this week.  I forgot my card reader, so I can't upload pictures today.  There should be some good ones next week because we're headed out to have lunch at a place called Conchagua, which I have been told is very scenic.
Have an awesome week!


Elder Colton West

El Salvador, San Salvador East Mission

Editor's Pick: since no new pics from Elder West this week I thought
I'd share one of my faves. This is from Dec 2014 when he arrived at
the ESSSE mission home from the Guatemala MTC.

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