Elder Colton West

Elder Colton West


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 2: No Me Gusta Haircuts!

As I'm sure you can infer from the title, I was unable to escape the clippers this week.  I managed to get away from them the first week that I was here, but one of the teachers caught me during our volleyball game today and told me that I had to get a haircut.  So now I have something like a # 4 or 5 on top, and 2 on the sides.  Yuck.
This week, we're getting a bunch of Latino missionaries.  Like 70-something of them.  I just hope that I don't have to switch rooms, having to repack and re-unpack all of my stuff doesn't sound very fun.

Now to answer a few questions.  Yes, we've gotten to leave the CCM other than to go to the temple (which is literally 200 yards away from the CCM).  This morning we all got kicked out for a couple of hours so that they could deep clean the building before the new missionaries started arriving.  We went to a shopping center that is about a 5 minute walk from here.  That was a fun little adventure.  I found out that all of the soda here uses real sugar instead of HFCS!  Thank goodness.

We do have an assigned companion here in the CCM.  My comp is Elder Wallace, of Boise, Idaho.  He was on the BYU Lacrosse team before he came here.  After the mission, he is going back to BYU to finish his degree in... Psychology, I think.  I'll find out for sure, and include that in my next email.  Which will be next Tuesday.  In fact, all of my P-days will be on Tuesday at the CCM.  Last week was the exception.

Nacimos listos (title of last weeks letter) means "I was born ready."  That's what we sometimes say to the teachers when they ask us if we are ready for something.

Before I came here, I got a phone call from some church office somewhere in Utah.  They did a quick over the phone interview, and then told me that I would be put in an intermediate Spanish class in the CCM.  And had I gone to the Provo MTC, I would have.  There is no intermediate class here.  There's the native-speaker (Latino) classes, and the non-native-speaker (everyone else) classes.  Us non-natives are here for 6 weeks.  So I will be getting out of here sometime in the first week of December.

The last two weeks have been a unique time for the Guatemala CCM.  We didn't have any Latino Elderes or Hermanas here.  Usually there are at least half a dozen.  Today, the first few of that group of 70 are coming in.  Two weeks from now, when the Latinos leave, there will just be the Americanos who got here with me (24 in total) because they're closing this CCM until next year.  So that's going to be interesting.
That's all for now.  Email me if you have any questions!  Or if you just want to talk.

Until next week!

Elder West

Add on from mom: I caught Colton in real time on email today and was able to ask a few questions about his roomies and get a reply.  So here's a little more on that:

You did in fact catch me!  Yes, I'm liking my comp.  We get along well, and we're meshing really well with teaching "investigators." The rest of my roommates are good guys, and we're all getting along for the most part.  In my room, we have me and my comp, Elders Jones and Durbin (both going to the same mission as me), and Elders Neilson and Goldberry (going to the Guatemala South Mission).

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