Elder Colton West

Elder Colton West


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 1: Nacimos Listos! ("Born Ready!")

Hola from the Guatemala Ciudad CCM! 
(Centro para Capacitacion Misional, or MTC)

Today is my first day that I'm actually able to email everyone.  
Week one here has been rather interesting.  But before I
tell you about that, two announcements.  First, I need to let you know

that there will be no pictures sent while I'm in the CCM.  We are not
allowed to have our cameras for the 6 weeks we are here (yes, it's 6

whole weeks) because there have been incidents involving cameras in
years past.  As far as I know, it's just a thing here at the Guatemala

CCM, but rules are rules, so you'll just have to wait for 5 more weeks
to get pictures from me.  Second, I'm having to use the basic HTML
layout for my email because we have 25 missionaries using the
computers at the same time and taking up all of the bandwidth.  So let
me apologize in advance if the formatting of this email isn't so

Now, the good stuff.  Week one at the CCM has been......Different.

Getting used to the schedule has been a big adjustment.  We have to
get up at 6:30 every morning.  There's an hour to shower, shave, and
get ready for the day before breakfast.  Starting at 8:00, we have an
hour of personal study time, then an hour of language study.  After
that is two hours of instruction.  The topics vary, but it's mostly
basic Spanish that I already know.  Lunch is at noon, and lasts for 45
minutes.  After that, it's another three and a half hours of class.
Each afternoon, we get an hour of workout/sports time, starting at 3:15.

Now you're probably thinking that sports means futbol (soccer for you

Americanos), or other such stuff.  And you would be wrong.  The
Guatemala CCM is tiny.  Right now, we only have 42 missionaries here.
Yes, you read that right, forty-two.  In the whole CCM.  I'm pretty
sure that this CCM can only have around 120 missionaries at a time,
because we're supposed to be getting 70 latino elderes y hermanas next
week.  And I have no idea where they're going to put those people.
Back to the point though, our workout area consists of 2 basketball
courts and a small gym.  One of those courts has a volleyball net on
it, so during deportes (sports), there are usually two games of
half-court basketball, one game of volleyball, and the hermanas doing
some sort of fitness DVD in the gym.  So far, only two hermanas have
been brave enough to play volleyball with the Elders.  The rest of
them don't play until we go back inside.

After deportes (and a much needed shower), we have dinner.  The food

here, by the way, has been rather good.  It's mostly American food,
and I like it, but I would rather try some local stuff.  They do make
all sorts of interesting juices, and I'm one of the few people here
brave enough to try them.  The others don't know what they're missing
out on.  After dinner, we have 45-ish more minutes of class, then we
teach our first investigator.  And by first investigator, I mean one
of our teachers who acts like an investigator.  They wouldn't actually
stick us in actual discussions until we know the language much better.
The real discussions come during week 4 (I think), when we'll be
teaching actual less-active or inactive members.  After teaching, we
plan for the next day, then have 45 minutes of prep time.  Back to our
rooms by 10:15, and lights out is at 10:30.  Every once in a while, we
have a devotional instead of class or teaching in the evening.  And
that's the life of a missionary in the Guatemala CCM!

I'm doing pretty well with the language.  I'm remembering a lot of

stuff from high school and college spanish classes.  We haven't gone
over a whole lot of stuff that I haven't already learned, but I'm
still learning a few new things every day (mainly vocabulary).

I don't have too much time left, so I'm going to end here.  I'll be

able to email on my next P-day, which will be Tuesday!  P-day
this week was supposed to be yesterday, but we were scheduled with the
temple for today, and temple attendance is a big part of P-day here at
the CCM.

Email me any questions you still have!  Adios for now!

Elder West

Guatemala CCM (Missionary Training Center) - Elder West's home for the next 5 weeks!

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