Elder Colton West

Elder Colton West


Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 28: Happy Mother's Day!

Because, you know, I always forget about holidays until the day of.  The only reason that I remember what month we're in is because I write it in my agenda.  That's what happens when you have to focus on the here and now as much as we have to.

I got to talk to my family on Skype yesterday!  It was great to see them and talk for a bit.  Though it was a bit weird to speak English.  I've about to finish my third month of having a Latino companion, which means I've spoken very little english.  Ilobasco wasn't too bad, because there were other gringo elders at lunch every day, so I could speak english for 45 minutes or so every day.  This change has been a bit different because I am the only gringo in my district.  So I spend all day every day talking in Spanish.  I'm already starting to lose my English a little bit, if you can't already tell from the way I write now.  It's because my brain is defaulting to Spanish for everything and it takes a bit of effort to think in English.  How weird is that!

We've had a lot of success in this week.  The last few weeks we haven't been receiving as many references as we need, so we have started doing a few things differently to find new people.  When an appointment falls through, we go and talk to the neighbors,  And when we're walking in between appointments, we knock the door of whatever house has the door open.  We've been getting a ton of references from doing that.

We have another baptism date set!  It's with the younger sister of the convert who got baptized my first Saturday here.  She has wanted to be baptized for a while, but first she wants to receive all of the lessons that we teach.  Really, the only reason that she hasn't been baptized already is because she has a really busy schedule, but we're working with her a lot to make sure that she can be ready for a baptism on the 30th of May.  The best part of all of this is that her brother got ordained as a priest yesterday, so he will be able to baptize her!

Well, my writing time is up for this week.  I hope that all is going well with all of you back home!

Photos: I didn't take any pictures this week, so here's two from last week.  Gringo elders here get a tan line from wearing a watch all the time.  Mine isn't that bad.  Yet.


Elder Colton West
El Salvador, San Salvador East Mission

Skype call with the family!!!!

Sibling time <3

With the watch.....

Without the watch...
Tan of the Man from Gringolandia!

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