Elder Colton West

Elder Colton West


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Week 35: Winter in July

Hey everyone!

So we're writing a bit early today.  We've got a couple of activities going on today, so this is really our only option: write super early.  The whole zone is going to the stake center to make pizza with some members for a zone activity.  After that, Presidente Vasquez invited a bunch of the missionaries to go bowling!  I think it's just the zones in the San Salvador metropolitan area, but we'll see when we get there.

The Work has been going well here.  My companion and I have been looking for different ways to find new investigators.  This week we've focused on searching for former investigators who we find in the Area Book.  Turns out that that is a really good way to find good people to teach.  Sometimes people aren't ready to accept the gospel the first time that missionaries come by.  There are more reasons for why that happens than I care to count.  However, the Lord is always at work, preparing His children to receive His Gospel in their lives.  And even if they weren't quite ready to make the committment before, sometimes the second time around they're ready.  

So winter has officially started here.  The torrential downpours  are proof of that.

Photo: Elder Gallegos (who went home last change) left a bunch of clothes in the house.  So we burned them.

Elder Colton West

El Salvador, San Salvador East Mission

Editor's Note: usually when the missionaries leave to go home they give away most of their clothing to ward members or investigators in need. I'm not sure why in this case they chose to burn them!  Maybe they were not in very good shape. I've asked and hope to hear next week!  I know even hard-working missionaries still need to have "boys will be boys" moments.  So maybe it was one of those!  The fire was the ONLY pic he shared this week :(  so I am sharing one of my faves of him this week as well :)

We can tell Elder West was anxious to get off to that pizza making and bowling! We hope to hear more about his investigators, companion and the rain next week!

One of mom's faves

Oh my! boys will be boys!

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