Elder Colton West

Elder Colton West


Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 39: Let It Go!

Hello everyone!

Another awesome week here in Ilopango.  We have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday!  Our investigator is called Ivon.  She's 10 years old, and has been attending church with her grandma for a couple of months now.  She absolutely loves everything about the church, and wants to get baptized.  The only hurdle has been getting the okay from her dad.  We had a super awesome visit with her and her mom, accompanied by two sisters from the primary presidency yesterday, and the mom is going to talk to the dad about the baptism, and she thinks that he'll say yes!

We are going to have a baptism next week too!  But i'll fill you in on that next p-day, because my time here is up...  Sorry folks.

The email title... Well, one of our zone leaders was an assistant for a while, so he was able to get permission from President for us to watch Frozen today!  It's was awesome!  But it would have been better in English.

Photos: Stuff from the ward Pioneer day activity.  I'll send more photos next week, because I need to get them from another elder.

Elder Colton West
El Salvador, San Salvador East Mission

Editor's Note: I've been promised we will receive a longer group email next week. One of Elder West's closest friends is coming home from her mission tomorrow so most of his email time went to her for the end of her mission.

Elder West is to the right of the young lady.
His companion, Elder Juarez, is to her left.
I don't know the names of the other 2 elders.

Ward Pioneer Day Celebration
Elder West is on the left end of the group
of missionaries in the top right corner.

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