Elder Colton West

Elder Colton West


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 40: Splash!

Splash!  That's the sound of someone entering water.  That's something that happened here on Saturday.  Ivonne, one of our investigators got baptized!  It feels great to baptize again, though I wasn't the one actually baptizing this time.  But that's okay, because we had a baptism!  And we're going to have another one this saturday as well!

Our work here in Valle Nuevo has been helped tremendously by the ward members.  The Primary presidency made the baptism of Ivonne possible by going to lessons with us, and helping her to learn the principles of the Gospel.  We've been receiving a lot of references from members of friends who they've shared the gospel with.  These people are already excited to hear the gospel from us, and we're really happy to be able to teach them.  And statistically speaking, references from members are much more likely to get baptized.

Well, my time is up.  I love you all!  Keep on being awesome!

Oh, and since nobody has commented on it, I'll just tell you.  There's a reason why the color of my signature changes every week.  But it's up to you all to figure out why.

Huge shoutout to my cousin Preston for accepting a baptism date!  I'm super proud of you Preston!  Keep it up!

Adios for now!

Elder Colton West (original: navy blue)

El Salvador, San Salvador East Mission

Editor's Note: Well, so much for that longer email we were promised! Maybe next week. This is the first time our  missionary has told us that the color of his signature has a meaning. I often change the color before posting to the blog so that it will show up on the blue background.  So if you see a note next to his name or his mission that will be noting the original color for those of you who may not get his letter directly to your email. 

Elder West &  his companion, Elder Juarez

Baptism day for their young investigator, Ivonne

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