Elder Colton West

Elder Colton West


Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 42: One More Change!

Hi everyone,

So last night we got the call for changes.  My comp told me that I have changes.  Then a few minutes later he told me that I actually don't have changes.  He's always joking around, so I wasn't sure which one was the truth.  But I confirmed with Presidente today (because we went by the mission office this morning), that I don't have changes.  I get to stay in Valle Nuevo another change!  And good thing too, because I love this ward.  My comp does have changes though.  And as much as he drives me crazy sometimes, I am going to miss him.

I'm extremely grateful to be able to stay here one more change.  This ward is powerful.  We are getting tons of references from members here.  And they not only give references, they open their homes for Noche Hogar (Family Home Evening for you gringos), and accompany us to teaching appointments.

I got to see something wonderful yesterday: the baptism of a sister who I started teaching.  Her name is Marcela de Vallecillos, and she is the wife of Ismael, a member who was inactive for 7 years.  The Vallecillos family was a reference of the ward mission leader, who grew up with Ismael here in the ward.  They always kept in touch, and when Marcela started asking questions about the church, Ismael asked the ward mission leader to send us, because he felt like his answers weren't adequate.  We started teaching, and from the first lesson I knew that Marcela would be baptized.  I was so sad when I got transferred from Valle Nuevo 2, because I didn't get to keep teaching them.  But it appears that the other elders did a good job, because Marcela got baptized on Sunday.  I am so grateful that I was here to see it.

News from my area:  We are hard at work setting up baptisms for the month of September.  Already have 3 planned.  I want 6.

Elder Colton West

El Salvador, San Salvador East Mission

A very small park in one of the colonias in my area

The Vallecillos Family (Elder West, far right)

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