Elder Colton West

Elder Colton West


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Week 67: This is War! (and beach pics from last week)

Well, this has been an interesting week.  My companion, Elder Hernandez had changes!  With the new way of doing changes, it was rather strange.  We just went down to the bus stop with his suitcases and sent him off with the other elder who had changes.  I stayed here with the other elder who stayed.  A few hours later our new companions came, so we went back to the bus stop to take them to their new homes.  It will be very strange doing that when I get transferred...

So, my new companion is Elder Tello.  He's from Huehuetenango, Guatemala (say that five times fast!).  We have actually been in the same zone before!  He was in the area next to mine while I was in Zona Ilopango.  So far so good; we get along well and teach together well.

We've already had a bit of adventure in this change.  Remember how I told you about the ROUS (taquacín) that visits our house sometimes?  Yeah, he's back.  And he ate nearly a whole loaf of bread.  I'm not sure how he did it, but the ROUS managed to get on top of the kitchen table and drag the loaf of bread to the other side of the house while we were sleeping.  Photos below.

So, last week... Well, for P-day the zone leaders took us to the beach.  We went to a place called Playitas (Little Beaches).  Yes, the beach was small.  But it was a very nice, clean beach.  Honestly, we didn't do a whole lot there.  Took pictures, smelled the salt in the air, ate lunch, and relaxed in hammocks.  But it was super fun to just have a day off.  Beach pictures have already been sent off.

So right now we have a golden investigator.  His name is José.  He lives in a cantón about 45 minutes away from town.  We found him walking down the dirt road to his house, and shared a short message with him and set a return appointment.  We've taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon.  From the beginning he has accepted our messages without any of the typical "I'm catholic" or "I'm evangelical" excuses that people here typically give.  Every time we commit him to read and pray, he does it.  And every time he prays, he gets answers.  He says that the Lord has confirmed to him that Joseph Smith was a prophet, that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that he needs to listen to the message that we have for him.  It is amazing and so very wonderful to have an investigator like José.  The only bad thing is that he might be moving to the other elders' area in Santa Rosa.  However, if he does move that will make it a lot easier for him to go to church on sundays.  We'll just have to wait and see what the Lord has in store for him.

Well, that's all for now.  Have an awesome week!  Say your prayers, read your scriptures, and always search for the hand of the Lord in your day!  It makes life so much sweeter being able to see the Lord working with you every step of the way.

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Colton West

El Salvador, San Salvador East Mission

Elder West a "Playitas" (Little Beaches)

Elder West was here!

Elder Hernandez & Elder West

A much deserved day off.

The bread was here

We found it here

As you can see, Elder Tello was not very happy about it
Elder Tello and I have taken advantage of the hour we have between finishing
daily planning and bedtime to make the house a bit more of a home.
The pictures you see are cut out from old Liahona magazines.
(The Liahona is the spanish-version of our churches official monthly magazine
with inspired articles from church leaders and members)

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